Since its re-establishment in 2004, your Encinal Alumni Association has done incredible work to strengthen Encinal's "Jet Pride":

·         Replaced the glorious Encinal Seal in Encinal's entry hall in its originally designed & tiled state.  Come see this historic and beautiful piece of Jet Pride artwork!

·         Reconstructed the Encinal Civic Hall of Fame award cases in the Encinal entry hall and re-established the process for future Civic Hall of Fame inductees and ceremonies.

·         Reconstructed the Encinal Athletic Hall of Fame award cases in the gym hallway (boys' side) and re-established the process for future Athletic Hall of Fame inductees and ceremonies.

·         Partnered with the Encinal Athletic Boosters to purchase two large school vans for transportation of students to games and other activities, and the football field scoreboard.

·         Provided annual Encinal Civic and Community Service, Student Athlete, and other scholarship funding to EHS graduating seniors.

·         Helped to establish and maintain the annual Encinal Alumni Golf Tournament, the major fundraising activity for the Alumni Association with over $100,000 raised to date.  Proceeds from past tournaments were used to help purchase the football field scoreboard and the electronic marquee.

·         Organized the Encinal Commemorative Brick sales and installation process, proudly and eternally displayed below the Jet for all to see!

·         Partnered with Encinal staff and alumni to support the annual 50-year graduation ceremony where each year, members of the EHS graduating class of 50 years ago are honored and participate in the current year's graduation ceremony.  Special activities are held for the returning 50-year alumni. A very special event!

·         Provided energy and support to many ongoing Encinal activities and programs, including the PTSA, Athletic Boosters, School Site Council, Drama, Marching Band, Grad Night, and so much more.